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  1. Booths MUST BE MANNED throughout the convention if products are up or on display.  FannibalFest will not be responsible for issues arising due to unmanned booths.

  2. Exhibitors must comply with all local, provincial and federal laws. Exhibitors will not hold FannibalFest or any of the FannibalFest Staff members and workers liable for any loss, theft, damages, expenses, claims or actions arising from personal or property damage due to said Exhibitor's participation in FannibalFest.

  3. It is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain insurance covering loss.

  4. FannibalFest in no way endorses any Vendor/Artist merchandise, exhibits, beliefs, or actions. All Vendors and Artists are their own entity and have no connection nor representation to FannibalFest.

  5. All merchandise bought or sold at FannibalFest is between the vendor/artist and the attendees/buyers. FannibalFest is not responsible for any transactions made between said parties.

  6. Anyone selling unauthorized merchandise that infringes on copyright or licensing agreements will be asked to leave our convention with no refunds given.

  7. FannibalFest has the authority to ask any Vendors or Artists to remove any merchandise that we find breaks our rules and guidelines. Refusal to remove said merchandise will result in being asked to leave our convention with no refunds.


FannibalFest is committed to supporting our vendors. As such, counterfeit items, bootlegs, knock-offs, or other pirated items are not welcome at FannibalFest. If you see something, please report it to a FannibalFest staff member. Exhibitors selling counterfeit items may be removed from FannibalFest, banned from future events, and risk criminal prosecution.


  1. All Adult materials displayed on the table or display must be bagged and covered so minors do not see. All nudity must be covered in accordance to local law. Vendors/Artists are not allowed to sell adult content to minors. Violators will be removed from the convention immediately and banned from further conventions.

  2. Only service animals are to be allowed on the Exhibitor floor. Any vendor/artist with a service animal MUST have their papers present at all times.

  3. Local tax is the responsibility of the Vendor/Artist to collect

  4. No exhibitor table may interfere with any other exhibitor table or with the aisle space. All tables and Exhibitors spaces must not be moved or blocking any fire exits.

  5. ABANDONED PROPERTY: any property left by the Vendor or Artist and not claimed 48 hours after the convention end will be considered abandoned by the Vendor or Artist

  6. FannibalFest reserves the right to change, amend or add to the rules and regulations of the convention at any time. In the event that a new rule is added that prevents you from selling your core product at our convention, you will be notified and refunded in full.

  7. No exhibitor shall engage in the sale of packaged  food without an appropriate license and permits to do so. No exhibitor may sell unpackaged or hot food, whatsoever. Any exhibitor found in violation of this will be asked to remove the offending merchandise.

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