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Hettienne Park plays the wonderfully witty Beverly Katz! One, definitely sassy, third of our beloved Science-y BAU team! She was born in Boston and grew up in Wayland, Massachusetts and studied acting at the William Esper Studio in New York City.


Hettienne made her feature film debut as the wicked Hong Ji in David Kaplan's Year of the Fish, which premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Accomplished in movies/television and Broadway, Ms. Park has been in popular shows such as Blacklist, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, The Good wife, and is best known for her role as Beverly Katz in the television series, Hannibal.  

Born in Toronto, Canada, Aaron Abrams has appeared in several films and TV shows since graduating from The Goodman School of Drama in Chicago. 

Along with his acclaimed roll as Brian Zellar on Hannibal, he has also guest starring on several shows, Abrams has also appeared in regular/reoccurring roles for many television series, including the critically acclaimed “Slings & Arrows,” the Emmy® nominated “The State Within,” ABC’s “Rookie Blue”,and “Stargate: Atlantis” 

This upcoming year, Aaron can be seen on A&E's hit show "Longmire" and starring starring in the horror films "Closet Monster" and "Regression" opposite Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson. Most recently Aaron was cast opposite fellow Hannibal alum  Lara Jean Chorostecki in Indie Restaurant drama “Nose to Tail.”

Scott ThompsonSM.jpg

Best known for Canadian ensemble sketch comedy series The Kids in the Hall, Thompson was a member of Hannibal’s “Team Sassy Science,” along with Hettienne Park (“Beverley Katz”) and Aaron Abrams (“Brian Zeller”). He also hosted the popular “Post Mortem” series on the Hannibal Blu-ray releases.


Most recently, Thompson embarked on a tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary reissue of his book Buddy Babylon, which is based on “Buddy Cole,” the character he created on The Kids in the Hall. He also just released his very first comedy album, Not A Fan.


Although Hannibal has been off the air for three years, Thompson says he misses the on-set camaraderie.


He’s also a fan of the fandom itself. “For me and Aaron, particularly, it’s fun for us to spread our wings at these conventions… we have good chemistry, and we really enjoy when we’re performing.”


Vincenzo Natali is the Hannibal director and storyboard artist who brought us some of the shows most memorable scenes: the five-way sex scene of Naka-Choko, the social worker in the horse from Su-zakana, Bedelia’s suggestively placed wine glass in Antipasto, Margot and Alana’s psychedelic body-blending love scene in “Dolce”, and the nightmare stag from “Primavera.” In regards to Hannibal, Natali says that he loves “the way it marries the grotesque and the beautiful” which can also be said about Natali’s work as well. As well as his work on Hannibal he has directed episodes of American Gods, Westworld, The Strain, The Returned, and Orphan Black. He directed the pilot for the TV movie Tremors and also directed such films as Cypher, Splice, and the cult classic Cube. As a side note, Natali also did the storyboards for Ginger Snaps (an amazing film) that starred Katharine Isabelle. 

“Mizumono,” “Tome-wan,” and “Fromage” contain some of our favorite sequences of Hannibal in action, and we have Ken Quinn, Hannibal’s stunt coordinator, to thank for their violence and their grace.  Quinn has worked in film as a stuntman and stunt coordinator for over 30 years.  Aside from Hannibal, some of his noteworthy work can be seen in American Gods, Fringe, Covert Affairs, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Bride of Chucky, and American Psycho. 

 Jaro Dick is the amazing set decorator for all 39 episodes of Hannibal.  It is hard to imagine our show without his elegant vision and symbolic art references.  He infused Hannibal’s office, kitchen, and dining room with “American Gothic overtones via European Art Nouveau.”  He was nominated for best set decoration by the Art Director’s guild for his work onAmerican Gods.   

Jaro has worked on over 33 films and television shows such as Moonstruck, Heroes Reborn, Good Will Hunting, and 30 Days of Night. 

Born with a twisted spoon in her mouth, Annabel de Vetten entered the world wanting to create. Formerly trained as a sculptor, a taxidermist, and having made a full time living as a successful fine art painter for many years, you’d never guess that the next field of endeavour would be food art. 

She designed a cake for the Hannibal Official Season 3 Release media event for Sky Living, in London, full of celebrities includuing. Siouxsie Sioux (who created Love Crime for the finale) The cake was displayed as Hannibal and Bedilia’s wedding cake. 

Janice Poon is an artist, writer and Hannibal food stylist. An amazing culinary designer, Janice created the elaborate dishes and tablescapes featured on the show supposedly prepared by Dr. Hannibal Lecter. She is the author of Feeding Hannibal, A Connoisseur’s Cookbook, which showcases dishes Hannibal made with the internal organs of “rude” people he murdered and later fed to his unsuspecting dinner guests.


From “Dolce” to “Wrath of the Lamb” Karola Dirnberger was the key hair designer for Hannibal, which means she is responsible for Reba’s Woman-in-the Sun goddess locks, Alana’s new-do as head of  BSHCI, and Will & Hannibal’s wind blown tresses on the fateful cliff. Just imagine the stories she has to tell!  Dirnberger has worked as key hair stylist for so many shows and films we cannot possibly list them all here, but to name a few, American Gods, The Handmaid’s Tale, Spotlight, Twilight Breaking Dawn Parts 1 & 2, and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, for which she won a Canadian Screen Award for best hair.  

Master Tommy Chang!  If you love the moment when Hannibal leaps over the kitchen counter in Mizumono, thank Mast Tommy Chang, fight coordinator for “Mizumono” and “Wrath of the Lamb.”  Master Chang holds 7th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and 8th degree Black Belt Hapkido, specializing in martial arts and weaponry.  He has over 30 years of experience choreographing fight sequences for film and tv.  He has worked on American Gods,  The Expanse, Nikita, Taken, Pacific Rim, X-Men, Carrie and is currently working on the Umbrella Academy for Netflix.

 If you love Francis’s Great Red Dragon tattoo, Mason Verger’s scarred face, all of Will and Hannibal’s wounds and scars, you should thank Katie Brennan, the Department Head make-up artist for Hannibal.  Brennan worked on 36 episodes of Hannibal, adding blood, wounds, bruises and beauty to the cast.  She has worked on several tv shows and films including The Expanse, 12 Monkeys, Skinwalkers, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and Hairspray.  Katie also worked on Silent Hill 3D and was nominated for the CSA Award. 

More Guests Announcements Coming Soon!

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