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Our Code of Conduct and Policies


We want FannibalFest to be a fun and safe experience for everyone. To that end, all FannibalFest board members, volunteers, and attendees are expected to abide by the code of conduct outlined below. If you wish to report a problem or violation of this code, please alert one of the staff or contact us at anytime, day or night, during the convention. You may also contact us by email during or after the con at

General Code of Conduct


  • All FannibalFest attendees, volunteers, and board members must wear their badge within the convention venue. 

  • For the comfort of both fellow attendees and other hotel guests, please be aware of your surroundings and adjust your volume and activities accordingly. 

  • All attendees, volunteers, guests, and board members are subject to the laws of Ontario, Canada, as well as to hotel policy.

  • Possession or consumption of alcohol by anyone younger than 19 will result in expulsion from the convention without refund.

  • Scheduled events are subject to change and/or cancellation at the last moment. We will notify attendees asap via signage and social media in such an event.

  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Anti-Harassment Policy


The members of the FannibalFest committee define harassment as engaging in unwanted contact and/or attacks (physical and/or verbal) on, and using derogatory language towards fellow con-goers, hotel guests and staff, and/or committee members and FannibalFest volunteers. 


  • Unwanted contact includes touching someone's body or personal effects (including, but not limited to, costumes/clothing, bags, assistive devices, service animals, etc.). It also refers to forcing your attention on others; pay attention to verbal and non-verbal cues that someone prefers not to interact with you. If you're in doubt, end the interaction yourself.

  • Derogatory language includes negative comments or slurs concerning actual or perceived racial, sexual, gender, religious, ethnic, disability, physical appearance, age characteristics, and socioeconomic class.


You may notengage in surreptitious recording (video/audio) of FannibalFest attendees (including guests, con-goers, panelists, committee members, volunteers, hotel guests or staff members). If someone asks you not to record or photograph them, you are expected to comply with their wishes. Anyone who uses photographs or recordings to attack or slander a guest, con-goer, panelist, committee member, volunteer, hotel guest or staff member will be refused admission to future FannibalFest events.

Weapons and Props Policy


FannibalFest prohibits the use of metal weapons or props within the convention venue. 

Only decorative (non-working) weapons and/or props may be used at FannibalFest. No projectile weapons and/or props (water guns, ping-pong pistols, etc.) may be brought to FannibalFest. FannibalFest is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property, or for injuries sustained during the convention.


Cosplay Policy


According to FindLaw Canada, Canadian laws on public nudity are "confusing 

and inconsistently-enforced." By way of not having to test this, we ask that cosplayers

remain covered at all times, particularly in public areas of the hotel. Attendees may not touch cosplayer's bodies or clothing/props without the express permission of the cosplayer. If you wish to photograph a cosplayer, please obtain their permission first.

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